Half the trick of running a successful business is knowing when to pivot. 

Pivoting at the wrong time can leave you bankrupt. But pivoting at the right time can grow your bank account while increasing your freedom. 

In today’s episode, we’re letting you in on our secrets for knowing when to make subtle shifts that can create massive impact for your business and your life. 

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • The case for not growing an ultra-successful business ([5:58]
  • How to know exactly when to pivot your business so you don’t bankrupt yourself ([6:40]
  • The only two “non-negotiable” things you need to successfully operate several businesses ([8:15]
  • Why raising your prices is leaving you penniless ([10:45]
  • How to “trick” your ads into making them pay for themselves ([13:02]
  • Why the ol’ “free plus shipping” schtick doesn’t work anymore and what to do instead ([13:30]
  • Are you a real entrepreneur or a “wannabepreneur”? Find out here… ([15:38])  
  • Why running your own ads is the absolute worst thing you can do ([16:34]
  • The “30-day trick” to tell if what your competitors are doing is actually working ([17:30]

If there was ONE THING that was helpful in this episode, share this show with someone it will help, and come back next week.