Getting your real estate business online is easy. 

What’s much harder is driving the right traffic to your site so you can close more deals more often. 

Today, we’re dissecting not only how to drive traffic to your site, but how to drive the right traffic to your site.

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • The #1 biggest Facebook mistake most real estatepreneurs don’t even realize they’re committing ([2:35]
  • The ridiculously simple prerequisite for running Facebook ads for your real estate business ([3:32]
  • The sneaky little secret for getting your videos viewed thousands of times ([4:01]
  • How clicking a couple of buttons can have qualified leads eager to do business with you ([4:09]
  • A “stealth” way to use video to get qualified leads knocking at your door with their wallets out even if they’ve only watched a fraction of your video ([4:30]
  • The 3 social media “top dogs” that all real estatepreneurs should put 100% of their focus on ([9:24]
  • The “breadcrumb” method to getting to the top of Google’s search results ([10:17]
  • The “P-word” hardly anybody uses that will help you dominate your local real-estate listing when someone searches Google ([12:08]
  • The “15-second secret” for getting qualified leads drooling over the idea of doing business with you ([13:32]

If there was ONE THING that was helpful in this episode, share this show with someone it will help, and come back next week.