Most real estatepreneurs are leaving money on the table.

In today’s episode, we’re sharing how to leverage your email list to close more deals and build better relationships… while spending less time to do it. 

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • The #1 biggest missed opportunity real estate investors make ([3:15]
  • The stupid-obvious thing missing from your emails that’s boring your readers to sleep ([4:22]
  • How to almost magically be seen as the leader in your industry ([4:47]
  • The simple, but not easy way to grow your real estate business every single day in 30 minutes or less ([6:49]
  • How to get away with emailing your prospects more without clogging up their inbox ([7:27]
  • How to create an inseparable bond with your prospects so that they never even consider going to anyone else but you ([7:54]
  • The counterintuitive way to stop prospects from unsubscribing from your emails ([8:10]
  • Why you should celebrate when you lose email subscribers ([11:48]
  • The best tactical advantage for overcoming people’s natural BS detector ([14:49]

If there was ONE THING that was helpful in this episode, share this show with someone it will help, and come back next week.