Did you ever have a bully?  Someone who took your favorite toy and made sure you couldn’t play with the other kids?  It sucks. It makes you feel powerless.

It’s like being an ant: you’re quietly minding your own business when all at once…


…someone bigger comes along and steps on you just because they can.

Now you’re an adult.  You’ve built a business around real estate.  But you’ve got a new bully now, and it’s going to step on your business.  Its name is Zillow and it’s here to grind you out of existence with its sheer size and weight.

Fortunately, this bully has an Achilles heel.  In this episode you will learn how to exploit that weakness and take back control of your business.  

Show Highlights:

  • Why market crashes can be a good thing ([6:46])
  • Zillow and other mega corps are on the hunt to crush your business ([8:02])
  • Zillow is a bully, but you’ll be the Karate Kid when you start doing this ([12:10])
  • How to get customers to come to YOU instead of going to the big monoliths ([15:57])
  • The secret behind “giving value to the marketplace ([17:58])

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