In business, you’re either a mule or a magician. 

The mule has been brainwashed to feel proud about his long nights and hard work. Whereas the magician can move mountains without even looking like he’s trying. 

Mark Evans is a magician and today he’s sharing his secrets for how he’s enjoyed more successful by working less.  

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • The real reason you don’t accomplish anything at real estate events ([1:40]
  • Hands down the best events for real estatepreneurs to attend that nobody ever talks about ([2:17]
  • How you’re betraying your own professional growth without even realizing it ([5:40]
  • Why working hard doesn’t work – and what to do instead ([13:13]
  • How your ego tricks your mind into wasting hundreds of hours ([13:40]
  • The single most important thing your business should be creating (that has nothing to do with money) ([13:55]
  • The counterintuitive way to grow your business that seems downright silly but works like gangbusters ([14:02]
  • The uncomfortable truth about why you work your tail off but feel like you got nothing done ([15:47]
  • Why glamorizing your hard work is trapping you into a life of poverty ([16:27]
  • How to clear $50k a day without really working ([17:27]

To learn more directly from Mark, tune into his podcast The Making of a DM and follow him on Instagram at @MarkEvansDM.  

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