Entrepreneurs get too distracted by things that matter in the short term that they ignore everything that matters in the long term. 

You can’t build a legacy by always running around like a chicken with his head chopped off. 

In today’s episode, we’re sitting down with the dream-maker, Mark Evans, as he shares how he keeps his head on straight while running 16 successful business.  

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • How thinking like a caveman will help you solve your most complex problems ([1:22]
  • Why focusing only about money and transactions is bankrupting your real-estate business ([3:35]
  • The subtle mindset shift that helps you stay one step ahead of your competition ([5:31])  
  • How cell phones and technology are decimating your business ([6:25]
  • The “Black Diamond Slope” secret to growing your business beyond your wildest dreams… while you have fun ([8:25]
  • The #1 biggest mistake you’re making when you attend mastermind events ([9:30]
  • How to become more profitable by making less deals ([12:08]
  • Why your real estate business will keep you broke – especially if it’s a huge success ([14:36]
  • The cold, hard truth about why you don’t have as much time or money as you want ([17:58]

To learn more directly from Mark, tune into his podcast The Making of a DM and follow him on Instagram at @MarkEvansDM.  

If there was ONE THING that was helpful in this episode, share this show with someone it will help, and come back next week.