Your clients are lost.  They don’t know who to buy from or where to get a good deal.  

Unless you lead them straight to your door by giving them a map.

Cool thing is, this map is easy to make.  Just start building your “digital footprint” so people can follow it back to you.  Listen to today’s episode to see how.

Show Highlights:

  • Your digital footprint will either feed you or hurt you ([4:00])
  • How to leave a trail of “breadcrumbs” so your customers can find you ([1:06])
  • Is it better to focus on your company or your personal brand? ([15:18])
  • Leverage this service to turbocharge your content process ([9:47])
  • Use seed language so your audience thinks you’re a superstar ([11:24])
  • Do you have what it takes to meet the challenge? ([8:25])

Challenge for the week:  Create a piece of content 7 days in a row.  It should be a video (at least one minute) and recorded on your iPhone.  Post to social media. 

Email us at and let us know what kind of response you got!  

If there was even ONE THING that was helpful in this episode, share this show with someone you think it will be useful for, and come back next week.