The hardest part about marketing is getting conversions. 

You spend boatloads of cash on ads, but only get a tiny percentage of conversions. And there’s a reason for that. 

Today, we’re explaining why this happens and teaching you a little known secret to boost your conversions. 

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • The #1 most important step for closing more deals ([4:35]
  • How to use both old-school and new-age methods to get more qualified leads on the phone ([6:56]
  • How to force bots to get more people on the phone with you ([7:45]
  • How to qualify leads before saying one word to them ([9:24]
  • The little known trick to getting 75% open rates ([11:49]
  • The obscure software that lets you “hire” an attendant for your website ([12:30])  

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