You have to retrain the way your brain works if you want to properly grow and scale your business. 

What got your business to its current level of success is not what will take it to higher heights. 

In this episode, Robert Nickell joins JR to discuss hidden (and lucrative) ways to grow and invest in your team, which in turns helps grow your business without you managing every single interaction.

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • Why the “old school” methods for closing deals doesn’t work anymore and what you need to do instead ([0:57]
  • The unsexy secret to success ([3:17]
  • How to leverage technology so you know what a house is worth by only knowing what neighborhood it’s in ([5:45]
  • The only true way to make 10x as many offers as you’re currently making ([6:18]
  • The simple, 6-word question you need to ask yourself if you’re living in complete chaos ([7:49]
  • The single best personality test to give to new hires that’s so accurate it’s held up legally in court ([15:42]
  • The hidden, but lucrative way to hire employees that comes with no taxes or liabilities ([18:20]
  • Can you really hire a competent employee in a third-world country? Find out here… ([20:11]

If you want to find out if outsourcing can work for your business, go to to schedule a 30 minute consultation. 

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