Ugly always outsells pretty.

Which means that if you spend 10K on a fancy video ad, you’re going to get ignored.  People won’t buy if your ads look fake. You have to be genuine or they’ll scroll past you.

Real is what makes people trust you and buy from you.  In this episode, Nate and Jonathan talk about how to be real when you market to clients.  Check it out today.

Show Highlights

  • How to make clients fall in love before they’ve even met you ([1:42])
  • Why “ugly” marketing will outsell “pretty” marketing every time ([3:21])
  • Use this Facebook strategy to take the leg work out of selling houses ([6:47])
  • How to show people that you’re genuine ([9:06])
  • How to deal with the video vandals who throw eggs at your ads ([11:03])
  • Don’t let the keyboard raiders burn down your business with their negativity ([14:07])

Get out your phone.  Go make your first video.  Don’t worry about making it pretty, just get it uploaded.