Too many people think they could build and grow a successful business by working more. 

But you actually have to learn to work less if you want to build a legacy. 

In today’s episode, we’re sitting down with Joe Evangelisti to talk about how to build a legacy from the ground up and why it’s not as simple as working more. 

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • How to profit from political news regardless of your political views ([4:07]
  • How to finish your day by 9:30 am ([9:09]
  • The biggest misconception you have that’s causing your business to barely skate by ([10:24]
  • How to work in your business for 15 minutes or less per day ([10:30]
  • The “Sorcerer’s Secret” for creating several extra hours every month without really doing anything ([10:55])  
  • The most damaging thing business owners do that sabotages them without even realizing it ([12:10])
  • How you’re preventing your employees from reaching their potential ([16:44]
  • Why you need to quit showing up for work ([22:14]
  • The #1 biggest red flag when it comes to hiring new employees ([23:50]

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